What to Expect

What to expect from National Hernia Network

  1. RN or adjuster calls National Hernia Network at (800) 618-2466.
  2. National Hernia Network verifies that a network hernia surgeon is located in the geographic region convenient to the patient.
  3. National Hernia Network staff completes contact sheet.
  4. National Hernia Network staff contacts patient to verify information and identify desired date for appointment with hernia surgeon.
  5. National Hernia Network staff sets up initial consultation with network hernia surgeon and notifies workers compensation adjuster and patient of appointment date and time.
  6. After the initial consultation, National Hernia Network staff requests office notes, work status and surgery information from hernia surgeon’s office and faxes this information to the RN or workers compensation adjuster.
  7. National Hernia Network staff obtains authorization for hernia surgery and provides this information to the hernia surgeon and facility.
  8. Following hernia surgery, National Hernia Network staff faxes operative notes and post-op appointment information to RN/workers compensation adjuster.
  9. National Hernia Network staff posts charges and mails claim to RN/workers compensation adjuster.
  10. Following post-op visits, National Hernia Network staff requests work status and office notes and faxes to RN/workers compensation adjuster along with completed DWC-25 form.
  11. Once hernia repair claim is paid, National Hernia Network staff deposits payment and pays facility, anesthesiologist and hernia surgeon.

ADA Compliance Policy

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National Hernia Network is a network of hernia care doctors and specialists throughout Florida in Jacksonville, Winter Park, St. Petersburg, Venice, Panama City, and Sarasota.