What to Expect

What to Expect from National Hernia Network

  1. Call National Hernia Network (NHN) at (800) 618-2466.
  2. NHN staff completes contact sheet.
  3. NHN staff sets up initial consultation with NHN hernia surgeon of patient’s choice.
  4. After initial consultation, hernia surgery is scheduled by hernia surgeon’s office.
  5. Patient sends cashier’s check to NHN for payment in full for hernia care three business days prior to surgery.
  6. After hernia surgery, NHN staff follows up with patient to see how they are doing.
  7. Patient sends receipts for pain medications to NHN for reimbursement.
  8. NHN staff deposits cashier’s check and pays hernia surgeon, anesthesiologist and facility.
  9. “Paid in full” receipt is sent to patient.
  10. Patient sees hernia surgeon for post-op visit and is usually released after first or second visit.

For answers to your questions about how you can use your HSA or high-deductible insurance plan to cover an elective hernia repair – or how “self-pay” patients can access the same global fee, call National Hernia Network at (800) 618-2466.

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National Hernia Network is a network of hernia care doctors and specialists throughout Florida in Jacksonville, Winter Park, St. Petersburg, Venice, Panama City, and Sarasota.