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Streamlining Processes to Afford the Best
and Most Efficient Hernia Care Available

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Get Back to Work Faster -
Hernia Repair Doesn't Require
Weeks of Lost Productivity

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Our Surgeons are Selected for their
Skill and Expertise in Hernia Care

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All Procedures Performed on an Outpatient
Basis at State-of-the-Art Surgery Centers

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Successful Hernia Repair is Largely a
Factor of Your Surgeon's Experience and Skill

National Hernia Network is a Network of Hernia Specialists Located Throughout the State of Florida

National Hernia Network contracts with large corporations, insurance companies, small businesses, and individuals to provide high quality surgical treatment for all types of abdominal and groin hernias. Simple "global-fee billing" saves time and money.

  • Do One Thing
  • Simplify the Process
  • Get Back to Work Faster
Prompt evaluation by trained specialists, expedited scheduling and quicker recovery has changed the landscape of hernia repair. Attention to all of the details allows National Hernia Network to provide an excellent service to the patient and employer. Returning a patient to full unrestricted activity both personally and professionally is the goal of National Hernia Network’s physicians and staff. National Hernia Network streamlines the process to afford all involved the best and most efficient care available.

Hernia Repair Options

National Hernia Network surgeons will make an honest evaluation of your condition and recommend the most appropriate hernia repair. As a general rule, you can trust what your hernia surgeon recommends, but be sure to listen carefully, take notes, and ask questions.

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Tension Repairs

These hernia repairs take a great deal of skill and time to learn. As with any skill, the benefit of these tension hernia repairs depends greatly on the knowledge, technique and experience of the hernia surgeon.

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Tension-Free Repairs

Many hernia surgeons utilize the simple overlay hernia repair as a “tension free” ventral hernia repair. The defect is dissected free from the hernia sack, and the size and shape of the defect is measured.

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Laparoscopic Repairs

Multiple small incisions are made for the camera and instruments (working ports). Following the same surgical tenets as the preperitoneal hernia repair, a large piece of mesh is placed in the preperitoneal space with a large cut of overlap to ensure adequate coverage and decreased recurrence rates.

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Successful Hernia Repair is Largely a Factor of Your Surgeon's Experience and Skill

Do One Thing; Do It Well

National Hernia Network hernia surgeons have been selected for their skill and expertise in hernia care.

Each National Hernia Network surgeon has performed a high volume of hernia repair cases, which has allowed them to fine-tune their techniques that result in consistent outcomes. All procedures are performed on an outpatient basis at state-of-the-art outpatient surgery centers. The network’s hernia surgeons are board certified, Fellows of the American College of Surgeons, and members of the American Hernia Society.
All Hernia Repair Procedures Performed on an Outpatient Basis at State-of-the-Art Surgery Centers

Simplify the Process

National Hernia Network makes the process of workers' compensation hernia repair as easy as possible.

Hernia specialists repair hernias at outpatient surgical centers. All of this care is coordinated through the National Hernia Network central office. A single call starts the process and assures rapid evaluation, treatment and early return to work. National Hernia Network staff schedules the initial office visit, the OR, and anesthesiologist.  Pain meds are ordered and regular updates are provided to the workers compensation adjuster.   Office consults with the hernia surgeon are scheduled in 3 to 5 days in most cases.  Surgical repair can be scheduled within one week of first office visit, if desired. National Hernia Network staff keeps the workers compensation adjuster or nurse and patient informed from initial consultation until maximum medical improvement (MMI) is achieved. Dealing with the M.D. or staff who won't return calls is a thing of the past. A simple “all medical care included” global fee billing saves time and money.  National Hernia Network staff takes care of all the other bills, claims and hassles. Excellent service at an excellent price.
Florida network of hernia repair doctors and surgeons discuss hernia repairs no longer means weeks of lost productivity, get back to work faster!

Hernia Repair Doesn't Require Weeks of Lost Productivity!

In the past, tension hernia repairs (simply suturing or sewing the "weak spot" closed) required prolonged periods of convalescence.

It was not unusual for patients to be "off", "out of commission", or basically unable to perform any duties for 4 to 6 weeks. Even with this prolonged recovery period, recurrent hernias (getting a hernia "back") ranged from 5-15%. The use of mesh "tension free" repairs has revolutionized these past statistics.

National Hernia Network provides only mesh tension free repairs at the company's facilities around the State of Florida.

The lack of tension creates less pain, allowing for faster recuperation. In general, most initial hernia patients can return to "light duty" (<25 lbs. Lifting) in 7-14 days. Return to "full unrestricted duty" can be accomplished in 3 weeks. Time off after the surgical repair is only half the story. Many workers' compensation cases take weeks to get the initial evaluation scheduled with a hernia surgeon. Often during this time, employees are restricted in their activities while they wait to be seen. Even after an evaluation reveals a hernia, scheduling can be another 2 to 3 weeks. National Hernia Network provides prompt access to hernia specialists around the State. Most patients can be seen in 3-5 days of a call to National Hernia Network. If a hernia is diagnosed, a mesh repair at an outpatient surgical facility is scheduled within 7 days.

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National Hernia Network is a network of hernia care doctors and specialists throughout Florida in Jacksonville, Winter Park, St. Petersburg, Venice, Panama City, and Sarasota.