Simplify the Process

National Hernia Network was designed to make the process of workers’ compensation hernia repair as easy as possible.

National Hernia Network schedules evaluations with hernia surgeons who are board certified, Fellows of the American College of Surgeons, and members of the American Hernia Society. Hernia specialists repair hernias at outpatient surgical centers.

Nurse on the phone

All of this care is coordinated through the National Hernia Network central office. A single call starts the process. National Hernia Network does the rest (scheduling OR, anesthesia, pain meds, and providing frequent updates). Trained staff keeps the workers compensation adjuster or nurse informed from initial consultation until MMI. Dealing with the M.D. or staff who won’t return calls is a thing of the past. A single fee provides all of this service to the employer, adjuster and nurse. NHN takes care of all the other bills, claims and hassles. Excellent service at an excellent price.

  • Single phone call assures rapid evaluation and treatment by hernia specialists and early return to work for the patient
  • Toll-free phone lines
  • National Hernia Network staff makes all the arrangements with the hernia surgeon, anesthesiologist, operating room, and the patient
  • Simple “all medical care included” global fee billing saves time and money
  • Office consults within 3 – 5 days of your call in most cases
  • Surgical hernia repair within one week of first office visit, if desired
  • Open “mesh” hernia repairs: Low recurrence rate (<0.5%); Low complication rate
  • Most patients can return to work in 7 – 14 days at “light duty”
  • Prompt and complete workers’ compensation reports returned in 48 – 72 hours so you know what is going on with the patient

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National Hernia Network is a network of hernia care doctors and specialists throughout Florida in Jacksonville, Winter Park, St. Petersburg, Venice, Panama City, and Sarasota.