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Simplify the process

National Hernia Network was designed to make the process of workers’ compensation hernia repair as easy as possible. National Hernia Network schedules evaluations with hernia surgeons who are board certified, Fellows of the American College of Surgeons, and members of the American Hernia Society. Hernia specialists repair hernias at outpatient surgical centers. All of this care is coordinated through the National Hernia Network central office. A single call starts the process. National Hernia Network does the rest (scheduling OR, anesthesia, pain meds, and providing frequent updates). Trained staff keeps the workers compensation adjuster or nurse informed from initial consultation until MMI. Dealing with the M.D. or staff who won’t return calls is a thing of the past. A single fee provides all of this service to the employer, adjuster and nurse. NHN takes care of all the other bills, claims and hassles. Excellent service at an excellent price.

  • Single phone call assures rapid evaluation and treatment by hernia specialists and early  return to work for the patient
  • Toll-free phone lines
  • National Hernia Network staff makes all the arrangements with the hernia surgeon, anesthesiologist, operating room, and the patient
  • Simple “all medical care included” global fee billing saves time and money
  • Office consults within 3 – 5 days of your call in most cases
  • Surgical hernia repair within one week of first office visit, if desired
  • Open “mesh” hernia repairs: Low recurrence rate (<0.5%); Low complication rate
  • Most patients can return to work in 7 – 14 days at “light duty”
  • Prompt and complete workers’ compensation reports returned in 48 – 72 hours so you know what is going on with the patient

Get employees back to work faster

Hernia Repair Doesn’t Require Weeks of Lost Productivity!

In the past, tension hernia repairs (simply suturing or sewing the “weak spot” closed) required prolonged periods of convalescence. It was not unusual for patients to be “off”, “out of commission”, or basically unable to perform any duties for approximately 4 to 6 weeks. Even with this prolonged recovery period, recurrent hernias (getting a hernia “back”) ranged from 5-15%. The use of mesh “tension free” repairs has revolutionized these past statistics.

National Hernia Network (NHN) provides only mesh non-tension hernia repairs at outpatient surgical facilities around the State of Florida. The lack of tension creates less pain, allowing for faster recuperation. In general, most initial hernia patients can return to “light duty” (lifting <25 lbs.) in 7-14 days. Return to “full unrestricted duty” can be accomplished in 3 weeks. This allows the employer to have their valued employee back on the job quicker. The patient understands that they won’t be stuck at a less desirable position in the company during a prolonged convalescence. Both interested parties win.

Time off after the hernia surgery repair is only half the story.  Many workers’ compensation cases take weeks to have their initial evaluation with a hernia surgeon. Often during this time, they are restricted in their activities while they wait to be seen/scheduled. Even after an evaluation reveals a hernia, scheduling can be another 2 to 3 weeks. National Hernia Network provides prompt access to hernia specialists around the State. Most patients can be seen in 3-5 days of a call to National Hernia Network (800-618-2466). If a hernia is diagnosed, a mesh repair at an outpatient surgical facility would be scheduled within 7 days. Obviously, the post procedure convalescence is not the only lost productivity and National Hernia Network recognizes this element of hernia care.

Prompt evaluation by trained hernia specialists, expedited scheduling and quicker recovery has changed the landscape of hernia repair. Attention to all of the details allows National Hernia Network to provide an excellent service to the patient and employer. Returning a patient to full unrestricted activity both personally and professionally is the goal of National Hernia Network’s hernia doctors and staff. National Hernia Network streamlines the process to afford all involved the best and most efficient care available.

Workers Compensation Hernia Repair:  What to expect from National Hernia Network

  1. RN or adjuster calls National Hernia Network at (800) 618-2466.
  2. National Hernia Network verifies that a network hernia surgeon is located in the geographic region convenient to the patient.
  3. National Hernia Network staff completes contact sheet.
  4. National Hernia Network staff contacts patient to verify information and identify desired date for appointment with hernia surgeon.
  5. National Hernia Network staff sets up initial consultation with network hernia surgeon and notifies workers compensation adjuster and patient of appointment date and time.
  6. After the initial consultation, National Hernia Network staff requests office notes, work status and surgery information from hernia surgeon’s office and faxes this information to the RN or workers compensation adjuster.
  7. National Hernia Network staff obtains authorization for hernia surgery and provides this information to the hernia surgeon and facility.
  8. Following hernia surgery, National Hernia Network staff faxes operative notes and post-op appointment information to RN/workers compensation adjuster.
  9. National Hernia Network staff posts charges and mails claim to RN/workers compensation adjuster.
  10. Following post-op visits, National Hernia Network staff requests work status and office notes and faxes to RN/workers compensation adjuster along with completed DWC-25 form.
  11. Once hernia repair claim is paid, National Hernia Network staff deposits payment and pays facility, anesthesiologist and hernia surgeon.

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