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Save Time and Money

With the advent of Health Savings Accounts (HSA’s) and high-deductible health insurance plans, more people are taking control of their personal healthcare.  Taking control often means the patient has to deal with the surgeon, hospital/surgery center and anesthesiologist on their own, making the process somewhat daunting. National Hernia Network solves this problem. With one phone call, National Hernia Network coordinates it all. A single global fee covers everything, so patients receive one bill. A single payment, which National Hernia Network has negotiated, allows quick and convenient access to the surgery center and all doctors involved. Computerized payment to the providers eliminates confusing statements or bills.

National Hernia Network contracts with hernia specialists throughout Florida, including offices in Jacksonville, Winter Park, St. Petersburg, Bradenton and Sarasota.  This allows the patient to choose a location that is most convenient.

National Hernia Network offers excellent care by hernia specialists at a reasonable price. The use of convenient surgery centers vs. hospital stays keeps costs in check for a procedure that can (and should) be done on an outpatient basis. Most patients return to “light duty” in 7 – 14 days and can return to full employment in about three weeks.

Health Savings Accounts

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are savings accounts created especially for the purpose of paying medical expenses. When used in conjunction with a qualified medical insurance plan, HSAs can be used to cover what insurance does not – including deductibles and non-covered, medically necessary services. As a result, elective hernia repair has become a reasonable option.

One of the advantages of using a health savings account for hernia repair is that you own the money in the HSA. You control how the money is spent and can choose providers based on quality and cost of care. National Hernia Network’s network of hernia specialists along with a single global fee makes it possible for you to achieve both quality hernia care and cost savings.

High-Deductible Health Insurance Plans

The Affordable Care Act was enacted to increase the availability of and participation in health insurance plans.  In order to manage costs, both employers and health insurance exchanges are increasingly offering high-deductible health insurance plans (HDHPs) to employees in order to keep the business costs low and pass along the cost of health care to their staff. Both insurers and employers hope that employees with money on the line will shop around for the best cost in care.

National Hernia Network makes the shopping easy for individuals with HDHPs.  With just one call, National Hernia Network will schedule everything from the initial office visit with a hernia specialist to the anesthesiologist and surgery center and all follow up care.  All of this care is provided for one global fee.  The patient gets one bill.  National Hernia Network handles the rest.

Self-Pay Patients

For the growing number of “self-insured” patients with no insurance, National Hernia Network provides access to the same global fee. This gives “self-pay” patients access to the same standard of care offered by board certified hernia specialists at a negotiated rate.

What to Expect from National Hernia Network

  1. Call National Hernia Network (NHN) at (800) 618-2466.
  2. NHN staff completes contact sheet.
  3. Patient sends cashier’s check to NHN for payment in full for hernia care.
  4. NHN staff sets up initial consultation with NHN hernia surgeon of patient’s choice.
  5. After initial consultation, hernia surgery is scheduled by hernia surgeon’s office.
  6. After hernia surgery, NHN staff follows up with patient to see how they are doing.
  7. Patient sends receipts for pain medications to NHN for reimbursement.
  8. NHN staff deposits cashier’s check and pays hernia surgeon, anesthesiologist and facility.
  9. “Paid in full” receipt is sent to patient.
  10. Patient sees hernia surgeon for post-op visit and is usually released after first or second visit.

For answers to your questions about how you can use your HSA or high-deductible insurance plan to cover an elective hernia repair – or how “self-pay” patients can access the same global fee, call National Hernia Network at (800) 618-2466

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National Hernia Network is a network of hernia care doctors and specialists throughout Florida in Jacksonville, Winter Park, St. Petersburg, Venice, Panama City, and Sarasota.