Laparoscopic Repairs

Florida network of hernia care doctors & surgeons discuss many hernia repair procedures using the laparoscope.

Many “open” surgical procedures have been adapted to the use of the laparoscope.

Multiple small incisions are made for the camera and instruments (working ports). Following the same surgical tenets as the preperitoneal hernia repair, a large piece of mesh is placed in the preperitoneal space with a large cut of overlap to ensure adequate coverage and decreased recurrence rates.

Technically, the hernia repair is the same; it just involves the use of the laparoscope to place the mesh into the appropriate position. Long-term outcomes are similar to open hernia repair procedures. Often, laparoscopic hernia repairs are suggested for recurrent hernias, and previously infected sites. In the United States, currently the vast majority of hernia repairs remain “open” with laparoscopic hernia repairs used at the hernia surgeon’s discretion.

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